For any question, there are "?" signs at the bottom right corner of the screen.  :)

There is now a proper tutorial ! :D


Zoo's Mad Means :

Elegant and simple rules that you'll learn in an instant. 
A very tight system that allows only the most dramatic plays.
A difficulty level that adapts and responds naturally to your progression. 
A myriad of challenging decisions to make and opportunities to seize. 

248 unique cards to collect and make magic with.
A randomly shuffled kingdom awaits.
A cycle of seasons and weather, that shifts as your adventure unfolds. 
16 mad spirits that form Oh so many unique  encounters.
A terrible boss monster, waiting for you right in front of the castle. 


Zoo's Mad is just coming out for it's early access. Please comment, I put my game here for criticism more than anything. I'd like to know everything about your experience. :D


Last updates :

New tutorial, 05/04

Incoming :

Music and sounds

Options menu ( language, difficulty )

Save games



Contact :


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Amazing! I was surprised by how much I  got into this game in such a short time. I want to see all the caaaards! Already on my 3rd deck concept. Keep on rocking, Mico Wata :)

So heartwarming ! Keep on having fun ! :D

Really good game, cards are well-designed and intuitive design!

Thanks mate ! :D